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That’s the Point is a GrassRoots True Conservative Independent Media source based in Los Angeles CA.

We are dedicated to bringing you the REAL STORIES from REAL PEOPLE who the MSM has tried to SILENCE!

We seek to give EVERYONE a platform to express their opinions on Hot Political topics in our country!

That's  the Point with Brandon is strictly viewer funded. WE THE PEOPLE MATTER and THAT’S THE POINT is making sure we are not forgotten!


"If You Don’t Know Your Rights, You Won’t Know When Someone Is Taking Them From You!”

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From a drug addicted gang-member, to a Law-abiding citizen, through the power of Jesus he has changed his life around and now has dedicated his life to the spreading of truth in the media and protecting the innocent from those who seek harm to others. He has created “That’s the Point” a highly successful Independent Media company and Youtube channel with the main goal of bridging gaps which are created by the PROPAGANDA and LIES of the Mainstream Media outlets! Diving right into the heat of the matter with a no fear approach and facts to back him up! He was sick and tired of evil winning in the media and in the streets! Be apart of this journey to make history and KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

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